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Woodland FC signs elite adaptive attacker

Club owner Ross Harris was pleased to announce that Woodland FC has completed the signing of left winger Haddon DeMoure, the former KC East Lions captain, and now a Woodland FC Lion.

"This is something we were working on for a few weeks, and to see it come about has been a true boon for the club," Harris said. "With the talent we have accrued in the squad, Haddon will be able to show people what he's truly capable of. We also get a chance to showcase to people what some of the homeschool lads growing up in our city are capable of doing. We are grateful to Coach Gaskell for recommending us to his guys who are ageing out."

Haddon has played varsity soccer the last three years with the Kansas City East Lions high school soccer team. He has played soccer since he was 5 years old, playing from recreation to academy teams. Haddon enjoys playing any attacking positions and has seen much success in his high school career. Haddon welcomes leadership roles and has always felt comfortable under pressure. He has the ability to create successful plays for his teammates and himself, while also quickly responding to immediate team needs in match settings .

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