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Centaur Strength Training helps Woodland FC get into shape!

Woodland FC is proud to partner with Centaur Strength Training, owned by Stephen King. Stephen is excited to partner with our club by giving our players strength and fitness coaching that will help them be prepared for the coming 2024 season in The Select League.

Stephen is a competitive powerlifter in his spare time, and founded Centaur Strength to train lifters to go beyond their comfort zone and redefine their max through consistent and targeted training.

Centaur Strength will be the sleeve sponsor for Woodland FC for the

2024-25 seasons, as well as having signage at our home games for the 2024 season.

Woodland FC owner Ross Harris is one of Stephen's coaching clients as well.

"I sought out Stephen because I know strength is necessary in our time more than ever before. I want to be a strong owner, with strong players mentally, and physically. Therefore, I need to lead by example," Ross said.

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