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Woodland FC signs standout defender to bolster the backline

Woodland FC are pleased to announce the signing of centre-back Erik Calderon to the squad. Erik is a force to be reckoned with as he brings promising skill, leadership, intensity, and grit to the Lions' defense. He is a commanding presence in the air, and is physical in tackles. He communicates well, runs well, and can dribble and distribute from the backline. He has the potential to be a complete defender.

"There aren't many times when you look at a player during a scrimmage for a few minutes and think, 'I want that guy on my team,'" owner Ross Harris said. "I watched Erik play during one of our tryouts and I had that moment. He will be an excellent addition to our squad."

You can watch Erik, and his teammates, compete in The Select League, starting in April 2024.

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