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Woodland FC nominate Chandler Givler as club's first captain

Woodland Football Club have named striker Chandler Givler as the club's first ever club captain. Chandler brings quality leadership to the field with decades of experience at multiple levels. He has demonstrated ability to motivate his teammates, give good instruction when needed, motivate the players when standards are dropping, and rally the team to get the job done.

"I am a firm believer that teams pick captains," owner Ross Harris said. "By that, I mean that leaders are naturally revealed by watching the players practice and grow together. Chandler is responsible and takes ownership of his mistakes. He also is able to give the lads what they need to hear if a job isn't getting done to club standards. I trust him to embody on the field what our club represents in our city. It was an easy choice to hand him the armband."

You can watch Chandler lead the Lions out to the pitch starting April 5th, 2024, against Southside FC in The Select League!

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