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About Us

Further Up, Further In

Woodland FC was created with a desire to see successful and beautiful football played in Shawnee Kansas. Our mission is to find coaches and players who play flowing, attacking football that wins championships for years to come. We want to become the model amateur football club that up and coming players flock to in order to build their careers. We want to turn Shawnee Kansas into a factory of world class footballers, supported by top tier coaching staffs, and sponsored by local businesses. This is a club that will blaze a trail, much like Shawnee's first settlers did--running through the woodlands--further up, and further in.

- Ross Harris (Owner)

Soccer Field

"Football is all about passion, it's about fighting for the shirt, for your team, and for the supporters."

- Jurgen Klopp

Outdoor Football Training

Core Doctrines
- Find the right coaches
- Find the right players
- Find the right fields
- Find the right sponsors
- Reward the best fans with beautiful football

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